Hi, and Welcome to My Community!

My name is Marilyn Anne Kay. I have a heart-centered approach to inspiring and empowering YOU to create time freedom or financial freedom by becoming a home-based entrepreneur.

​Even though a successful career in real estate had given me some level of independence, I wanted to find something that allowed me to help others with their dreams and goals. And I wanted to personally find a better way than the typical 40:40:40. You know, work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire at 40% of what was never enough in the first place. I knew there was a better way and I began a journey to find it.

  • I wanted to make my own decisions.
  • I wanted to have time freedom to do things on my terms and not be at the beck and call of someone else’s agenda.
  • I wanted to have financial security for retirement and to leave a legacy for my family.
  • I wanted to travel and explore different parts of the world

Matching Values

If these are values that are dear to your heart, I can help you design a lifestyle that helps you move forward with your goals and dreams, just like I did.

I grew up in Swansea, a Welsh coastal city, and always had an adventurous streak. My parents didn’t know it, but as a teenager I often hitch-hiked to London, about 200 miles away. In those days it was so much safer to hitch-hike and lorry drivers were happy to give us a ride! Leaving home early, I became very independent and shared a flat in London with an American woman who became my best friend, and still is today. She later invited me to the U.S. to stay with her, and of course I said yes, but not before we spent 3 months traveling together through India and Nepal.

About 6 years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a home-based business that is based on the concept of leverage, and I have never looked back. By becoming a heart-centered entrepreneur I have created time freedom and financial freedom for my future and my family. I am passionate about helping YOU do the same.

What I discovered was financial freedom that helped me have the lifestyle I wanted.  Here's a few quick pics I'd love to share with you from my travels to Thailand 🙂

Elephant Nature Reserve, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Question Time

If you can circle 3 items on the following list that are important to you, let’s talk about how I can help you create the lifestyle YOU would like to have.

  1. Extra Income
  2. More Spare time
  3. Financial Freedom
  4. Be Your Own Boss
  5. Be Part of a Mission to Help Others
  6. Become Debt-Free
  7. Leave a Legacy for Your Family
  8. Secure your Retirement

Have you been thinking for some time about having a home-based business but didn't really know how to go forward?  Today you have to brand yourself in order to stand out, craft your life and business by design, and as you do so you begin to match your vibration to that design.  

Building a home-based business​ today is multi-faceted but begins with the concept of offering value - value is the new currency.  I'd love to help you develop your own home-based business that is based upon the value that YOU have to offer the world.  I have a heart-centered approach that uses all of the tools of social media, branding, and positioning yourself to become successful in your home-based business.

Let's connect and explore more how I can help you create a very different lifestyle from the one you have today by creating value and trust, learning to brand and market yourself, and becoming part of a larger community of giving, sharing and including.


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